A $2 additional fee will be applied to any account when paid by credit card.  This is simply an effort to keep costs and rates down, as credit card vendor fees continue to climb.  The fee will be charged on your next statement.

Pay My Sewer Bill

Repair line:  252-542-9348

Billing info: 252-945-7195 (generally monitored M-F 1-5)
Email:        engsandist@gmail.com

Board:        Charles G. Gibbs, Chair / Manager
              Brandon Marshall, Vice-Chair
              Tommy Etheridge, Secretary
              JoAnn Spencer, Treasurer
              Lavern Fulford, Director
Operators:    Allen Bliven, WW-2, SI
              James Bliven, WW-4, SI
Staff:        Jeremy Stotesberry, Technician
              Viola Williams, Clerk